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Rob Storrar

Rob Storrar - Managing Director MDTA
GDC No: 151260

Rob started dentistry in a Harley Street Laboratory in 1977. He took a 4 year Dental Technology Course at South London College and qualified in 1982. Rob stayed with the same laboratory for 11 years training under owner Michael Kerwick who was a big influence in Robs early career whose principles and philosophy of form and function Rob still follows today.

Anne StorrarAnne Storrar - Director/Company Secretary

Prior to becoming a director of Amdecc Anne worked in Human Resources for a large American Insurance Company in the City of London. She married Rob in 1985 and 3 years later gave up her career to concentrate on bringing up their family.

Gillian Saunders

Gillian Saunders
GDC No: 135813

Gillian qualified at Guys Hospital in 1992 in Crown/Bridge and Prosthetics, also obtaining her Advanced Crown and Bridge 2 years later. Gillian's experience in private dentistry extended many years before joining Amdecc in 2001 as a ceramist. Gillian specialises in feldspathic porcelain veneers and full mouth diagnostic waxing.

Scott Kennedy

Scott Kennedy
GDC No: 154889

Scott qualified at Kings College Hospital and Lambeth College in 2006, joining Amdecc later that same year. Scott has become an accomplished pressed/diagnostic waxer of full mouth cases, specialising in the recording and finishing of many of Amdecc's large CR cases.

Katia BakalovaKatia Bakalova
GDC No: 153018

Katia qualified as a Dental Technician in 1989 in Bulgaria where she worked for several years before moving to the UK in 1997. Since joining Amdecc Dental Laboratory in 2010 she has become an important member of the ceramic department team, specialising in smile design and major restorative cases. Katia has continued to develop her knowledge by attended numerous courses and lectures.

Simon MertensSimon Mertens
GDC No: 213812

Simon joined Amdecc in 2005 as a Trainee Dental Technician and is currently finishing his 2nd year at Lambeth College to obtain his Dental Technology qualifications. Simon is responsible for overseeing the model/plaster room, he is learning the process for waxing of smaller anterior cases and is responsible for all the Laboratory scanning including Straumann CARESĀ®.

Ryan Hill

Ryan Hill

Ryan joined Amdecc in December 2007 as a model maker and has since progressed to diagnostic waxing, treatment planning and waxing pressed ceramics. He has attended lectures by David Hornbrook and Ronald Ritsco on occlusion, helping in the running of these courses. Ryan has also helped Rob at major seminars in Birmingham and London. He is in his third year at Lambeth College.

Mitchell Powell

Mitchell Powell

Mitchell joined Amdecc Dental Laboratory in 2009 as a Gold Worker, since then he has become an important part of the Team in the construction of large Pressed Ceramic Cases where he regularly undertakes waxing full uppers and lowers. He has attended lectures by David Hornbrook and Ronald Ritsco on occlusion, and has also assisted in the running of these courses. This year will be the start of a new training programme for him on Implants. He is currently in his third year at college.

Jim LesterJim Lester

Jim has been our delivery driver for a number of years and is well known to a lot of our clients.

MarcMarc Barnard

Marc joined Amdecc Dental Laboratory in 2010 as a trainee Model Maker in the plaster room. He is keen to learn and is focusing on developing his knowledge of occlusion, he is also responsible for mounting all of the cases, investing and devesting. He also undertakes many of the general administration duties required by a busy dental laboratory.

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